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An experienced and creative team whose mission is to provide a highter level of recruiting services.
We are preoccupied with recruiting engineers from middle and upper positions

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Our mission

The fullfillment of any recruitment needs for our partners and our goal is long term relationship building.

Our vision

Available business partner in recruiting and the most sought after in the automotive business world in 2017.

Our values

A creative team that is not only knowledgeable but experienced. Our sense of perspective guarantees success to our partners.

Our recruiting methods

head-hunting 70%
portale rekrutacyjne 15%
polecenia branżowe 7%
publikacje ogłoszeń 5%
serwis Goldenengineers 3%

Write a detailed job description

The first step to finding a suitable employee is to get to know your expectations of their skills, experiences and desired income

Teleconference with the partner

Based on the submitted requirements for the recruited positions, we present our strategy to find the right candidate.

Preliminary market research and valuation of the position.

After discussing your company’s expectations, we begin to discern the market on the basis of preliminary interviews with candidates and their expected valuation.

Commit to a mutual cooperation.

After verification and approval of all documents, we sign a contract identifying the job description as an order to complete the task at hand. Under these necessary prerequisites, we can now begin the process of recruitment.

In-depth market research

Our strength is specialization. We know the engineering and manufacturing market well. We know the companies and issues related to these positions. Our additional advantage is our knowledge of the automotive industry. We know exactly where to look for highly qualified specialists and how to convince them to change jobs. The key that allows us to work so well is the synergy of technical forces from recruiters, psychologists and engineers. As a result, we have a multifaceted perspective in researching and selecting a candidates.

Candidate selection

After a thorough verification of candidates that suit the expectations of our business partner, we follow up with an assessment of their technical skills. Based on that analyzes, we prepare a comprehensive report of the candidates. This report contains reliable information about previous employment, education and the recruiter’s opinion on the strengths of the candidate and development for our partner.

Initiation with partner

Upon the acceptance of the recommended candidate, we arrange a meeting. The meeting is held at the partner’s office. On our behave, the meetings are usually held via Skype.

Employment is not the final step

Our work does not end at employing the engineer. Once the candidate begins working, we monitor the effect and how its working out for both parties.

Outsourcing Engineers

Body leasing is one of the most common ways to optimize employment in an enterprises. It is provided by us, based on a delegation of specialists and engineers who work in the company of our partners, for a period of no less as 6 months. Our engineers are focused on effectively working and completing the project.

Company benefits
High Quality

Our partner obtains qualifed engineers with serveral years of experience within a short period of time.

Save time and money

Our partner gains the ability to efficiently manage the project at every stage of development and verify the amount of needed workers.

Minimizing Risk

Body leasing guarantees the timely start of a project and it's completion. The partner eliminates the risks of a prolonged recruitment process looking for engineers with the right skills.

Shift management

Body leasing gives you the possibility to react quickly to market and company changes . With the availability of experienced engineers, it is possible to start new projects in a very short period of time. This gives the company a competetive edge.

Project Oversight

A body leasing customer can oversee the engineers and utilize the necessary workload involved in the various stages of the project.

Managing the project schedule and budget

The ability to change the number of employees allows you to control the budget throughtout the course of the project. Increasing of decreasing the number of employees at different stages makes the project more cost effective. The project timeline can also be sped up or slowed down based on company needs.


We provide technical and specialized recruiting:

  • Engineers for middle and upper management
  • Managers
  • Industries which we are involved with
  • Automotive and Transportation
  • Elektronics
  • Consumer Goods
  • Machinery and Automation
  • Aerosspace and Defense
  • Energy and Chemical
  • News in our field

    Inż Sp. z o.o.
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    Company HQ: Ul. Nowy Świat 49
    00-042 Warszawa
    Tel/fax +48 22 55 15 443
    Mobile +48 696 877 500
    NIP: 5252605998
    REGON: 360566228

    Meet our team
    Development Manager

    The right man in the right place. Meticulous, open to people contacts, and interested in new technologies,
    that improve everyday life. He worked and honed cuts as a consultant
    for. technologies used in the industry (Pona 10 years of service). He cooperated and advised
    companies from the automotive, aviation, armaments, machinery, etc. Today,
    He uses knowledge and skills to help clients in finding appropriate
    Privately husband, father. Marathon runner and former “professional” tennis player.


    Consultant. Recruitment

    Engineer, consultant, headhunter researcher, negotiator.
    It has a well developed soft skills, characterized by a high perceptiveness, efficiency and
    determination in action. Very good command posts engineering specifications.
    He loves contact with people, you can not imagine myself the wine industry in professional life.
    Her interests are related to the customs of other cultures.
    Privately, happy mother.



    PhD student of Psychology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, coach, trainer, psychotherapist,
    certified teacher, a sworn translator.
    The experience with the industry earned while working as a technical coordinator
    (German) for factories with the automotive industry (over 4 years), and leading
    coaching for managers and engineers. Certified trainer of soft skills.
    Over 6000 hours developed for companies and institutions.
    Her passion is people contacts and relationships between them.
    Privately wife, mother.


    Specialist. Recruitment

    Als eine der wenigen, sagt er: “Die wundervolle, Montag morgen dass …” 🙂
    Ist das, was es macht nicht nur für ein Job materielle Vorteile, es ist etwas das große ihre Befriedigung gibt.
    Er liebt die Menschen, liebt es zu reden, the magician Jagd auf die fahren.
    Seit einigen Jahren und rekrutiert Spezialisten mittleren oberen Management
    derzeit in der Maschinenbauindustrie.
    Let’s get to know each other!!!


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